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A Letter to Your Medical Oncologist

The following is a letter you may present to your Medical and/or Radiation Oncologist to inform them of the integrative care you are receiving with Dr. Perchemlides.

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Patient Testimonials

Bette Bischoff, MD, RD

To whom it may concern, I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with Dr Matthew Perchemlides at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa for over 1 year. Our case load was mostly complex cancer patients. I was consistently impressed with the fund of knowledge exhibited by Dr Perchemlides in many stage III and stage IV clinical case presentations. He provided evidence-based Naturopathic treatment recommendations to our patients- which helped to provide critical immune support and reduce the adverse symptoms from the needed cancer treatments. I have no doubt that these naturopathic interventions helped our patients to complete full courses of conventional treatment plans-that may have been truncated otherwise due to the toxicities that are well documented in chemotherapeutic interventions. During frequent interactions, Dr Perchemlides stood out among his peers, in his ability to discuss the nature of the individual’s cancer along with conventional therapy and the...

Tracy C.

I absolutely love Matthew Perchemlides. Dr. Perch is an amazing person and doctor. Since meeting him as a patient at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America three years ago my medical and personal life have become increasingly better. I appreciate doctors who take the time to get to know their patients and Dr. Perch certainly fits the bill. Which is why one of the saddest days I experienced as patient at CTCA was when the announcement came that Dr. Perch’s residency was coming to an end. Needless to say one of the happiest days of my was life was learning he is continuing his work in private practice. He continues to provide me with the tools and support I need to live a long, healthy and happy life. Understandably cancer has a way of putting things on the back burner. For a while it felt like my family was...

Peter G.

I’m 61 years old, and for about 18 years I have been taking the cholesterol drug Lipitor. I started with 10 mg, then 20, 40, and recently my cardiologist prescribed 80 mg. My “bad” cholesterol remained stubbornly high, even though I have always eaten fairly healthfully and have exercised regularly. About a year ago my blood pressure also went up, and I began taking medication for that as well. When I realized that my situation was not improving, I sought Dr. Perch’s help. He coached me through a three-month diet and supplement regimen which, he claimed, if I followed strictly, would allow me to “throw all of my pills away.” He customized this plan specifically for me and wrote everything down. We had brief, semi-frequent follow-up appointments, which helped keep me on-track. Although I had been a patient of Dr.Perch’s before and trusted him, I was very skeptical that...

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