The following is a letter you may present to your Medical and/or Radiation Oncologist to inform them of the integrative care you are receiving with Dr. Perchemlides. Please fill in the name of your oncologist and your own name along with your date of birth, then deliver the letter to your doctor’s office.

To: Dr. _______________________________________________________, Oncologist

From: Patient __________________________________________________, Date of Birth ___/___/___.

Regarding: Coordination of Care with Dr. Perchemlides, ND, FABNO, MSN, BSN of Integrative Care Consulting, LLC.


The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to Dr. Perchemlides, an integrative medical specialist and Naturopathic Oncologist with whom I will be consulting. While working with Dr. Perchemlides, I will continue to follow the treatment recommendations that you provide. Dr. Perchemlides strictly encourages all patients to continue their treatment and monitoring with their medical or radiation oncologist. He does not advocate any alternative treatments.  He offers complementary recommendations for diet, lifestyle modification, supplement use and mind-body approaches to wellness.

Dr. Perchemlides is a hospital trained Naturopathic Oncologist who completed his residency at Oklahoma’s Southwestern Regional Medical Center, one of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He is a licensed Naturopathic doctor, which means he completed four years of medical school training and sat for board examinations before being granted his medical license to practice. He is currently a practicing doctor in Vermont and also provides remote consultations to patients and physicians across the country.

Dr. Perchemlides was previously a Registered Nurse who worked in a wide variety of medical areas, including oncology. He was trained as a Nurse at Boston College and worked most recently as an RN in 2005 at Yale-New Haven Hospital. As a medical student he returned to Yale’s Integrative Medical Center where he authored oncology treatment protocols for Dr. David Katz, MD and Dr. Ather Ali, ND. You may view testimonials to his collaborative care written by Dr. Ritwick Panicker, a Hemotologist and Oncologist at CTCA, Dr. Bette Bischoff, an MD with integrative medical training who also practices at CTCA, Dr. Jody Noe, ND, and Dr. Ather Ali, ND, as well as those written by his patients, by visiting the website,

Dr. Perchemlides advocates an integrative approach to cancer care and makes himself available to both his patients and their medical oncologists. His primary goal in patient care is to support the health and vitality of patients who are currently undergoing standard treatment in an effort to enable each patient to receive their full course of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. His recommendations are meticulously researched to assure no adverse interactions between his products and any medication, chemotherapy or radiation protocol. He also provides recommendations for those undergoing surgery to facilitate short post-operative hospital stays and to reduce the risk of adverse nosocomial events.

Dr. Perchemlides’ recommendations will never interfere with the standard recommendations for care. He will never advise alternative treatments. He supports all of his recommendation with peer-reviewed, high-quality, medical literature. He is board certified as a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO). The collaborative care he provides is governed by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and is supported by the research and mission of the Society of Integrative Oncology.

Upon request Dr. Perchemlides can provide your office with the medical records and chart notes for those patients currently under the care of both your office and the office of Integrative Care Consulting, LLC.  Dr. Perchemlides is available to speak with the medical oncologist, radiation oncologist or surgeon upon request.

Thank you,

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Contact information for Dr. Perchemlides

Phone: 802-545-3011 Toll Free:  855-389-1734

Cell: 918-550-9267 for physician-to-physician calls only.