Integrative Care Consulting

Revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered around the world

I have chosen the Integrative Medical path because Integrative Care leaves no stone unturned in the search for optimal health outcomes. Whether the interventions be dietary-nutritional, pharmaceutical, or lifestyle-based, Integrative Medicine seeks the best combination of approaches rather than one narrow, and ultimately limited, path to health. This relentless pursuit of all medical options, combined with a dedication to safety and scientific validity, make Integrative Medical Care the Gold Standard in healthcare.The driving force behind Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, is the conviction that everyone deserves to receive the best of both natural and conventional therapies in their pursuit of optimal health.

When I worked as a naturopathic physician in integrative hospitals and clinics, I saw firsthand the incredible outcomes integrative care could achieve for my patients. However, I was saddened every day that, for every patient who benefited from our care, there were hundreds of patients whose insurance would not cover an integrative care hospital, and who were therefore forced due to financial limitations to receive only conventional care.

I started Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, with a mission: We would deliver the highest quality of integrative care to every single person facing chronic disease, and because naturopathic care is not available everywhere, we would take away the barrier of location and high costs of travel by offering remote consultations through Skype, FaceTime, and/or phone.


But while research and medical experience point to the fact that integrative care produces the best health outcomes (*references on file, About Us 1), we cannot lose sight of what health really means. It is not just about the absence of illness, but has even more to do with what is at the heart of our desire to be healthy: to be fully present to experience life at its fullest alongside of our families, friends, and the people whom we love and who inspire us.

When I sit down with each of my patients, my medical expertise is only part of what I bring to the conversation. I also bring a deep responsibility for their care inspired by my father’s struggle with cancer and my mother’s long medical career. I bring all of the heart and love of a husband and father, whose wife and son bring joy and meaning to his life. And I bring compassion that comes from the understanding that each patient is not simply a collection of symptoms and ailments but is rather a human being who deserves to enjoy life and the company of his or her loved ones in a state of optimal health and well-being. Over the years, my patients have taught me to view healthcare through this wider lens and I am grateful to them for that.

Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, does not offer “alternative” treatments for cancer or other chronic conditions. What we provide is a way for you to integrate your conventional medical care with scientifically-supported, evidence-based natural medicine. This is a more complete model that will offer you more peace of mind and, ultimately, better outcomes.

We are currently accepting new patients. If you have questions about what we can achieve together, you may request a ten-minute preliminary consultation with me at no charge before scheduling an appointment.

My principal specialization is in the area of oncology, where I have received recognition as a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO). However, I have extensive clinical experience in general medicine and care for many people with a wide range of chronic illness. If you are facing any chronic condition, I would be happy to discuss with you my experience in that particular area and explain my approaches to care for your specific condition.

In addition, I have developed specific protocols, educational programs and interventions for those facing:

1) Cardiovascular disease

2) Metabolic Syndrome

3) Diabetes

4) Obesity

5) Environmental Toxicity

I have also developed a pediatric vaccination consultation that helps parents individualize their children’s vaccinations based on their family’s individual medical history.

To achieve our goals of accessibility and affordability all of the above areas of care are available through Remote Consultations.

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