For Cancer Hospitals and Oncologists:

The rapid increase in integrative hospitals has driven many patients away from their local health centers and towards integrative centers that are often hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. Care at an integrative facility often includes conventional care, Naturopathic medicine, nutritional medicine, lifestyle coaching and mind-body medicine.

Your physicians provide compassionate care alongside advanced medical interventions. Your staff believes in the mind-body-spirit connection and its importance to health and wellbeing, particularly in the case of cancer patients. However, on top of all that you already do for your patients, the innumerable complexities of becoming an integrative center just does not seem feasible.

As a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, and one of only 60 Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist in the United States, I can help you fully integrate your patients’ conventional care with safe, effective, and science-based natural support. I do not provide alternative cancer care – I am an Integrative practitioner and will work only with patients who are under the care of a Medical Oncologist. Furthermore, my years of experience as a hospital RN throughout the United States has informed the way I practice naturopathic medicine. My primary goal in caring for cancer patients who are receiving active treatment is to mitigate chemotherapy and radiation side effects in order to help you and your patients avoid dose reductions or shortened regimens. My recommendations are always based on peer-reviewed medical literature, clinically appropriate, safe, beneficial and individualized to meet the needs of each of your patients.

I can also help field all questions your patients may have about various “cancer remedies” and “alternative treatments”. I apply evidence-based findings to every such question and am able to clearly demonstrate to the patient the risks and possible benefits of each product. In doing so I not only promote their likelihood to disclose all self-selected products, but I can guide them away from harmful products and prevent inappropriate cessation of conventional care.

A partnership with Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, will not only help your practice retain patients, but will also help you improve how your patients experience the treatments you offer by providing them with the safest, most powerful natural support available.

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