Answers for questions most commonly asked by my patients.

If you have a question that has not been answered here or if you are looking for more specific or personalized information please contact us by email or schedule a 10 minute, free consultation with Dr. Perchemlides here.

1)     What type of patients do you serve?

  1. Most of our patients are people with a cancer diagnosis who are currently undergoing treatment or who are recently diagnosed and who haven’t started treatment yet. They are people who want to do everything they can to improve their health and vitality and to fight the diagnosis. We work with people who want to know if there are alternative treatments they should consider, who heard about a “natural product” and are curious about its benefits and potential harm, they are people who are interested in knowing what supplements they should be using, what foods they should be eating, if yoga really helps, if group support is for them, if acupuncture is safe…..they are people ready to join forces with their regular oncologist and a Naturopathic Oncologist in their effort to turn over every stone in pursuit of an optimal outcome and their peak health and vitality.
  2. We care for people who are concerned about cancer risk factors and who have the goal of avoiding a future diagnosis.
  3. We also continue our care for people after they have completed their standard cancer treatments and move into survivorship. These people are interested in avoiding a recurrence and/or a second primary cancer.
  4. We also care for many patients with cardiac and vascular disease. We have specific protocols that we utilize to guide people through supplement use, dietary changes, activity and exercise, lifestyle modification and even meditation, prayer and group support.
  5. Many of our clients are also parents who want to learn more about pediatric vaccinations. We offer them non-dogmatic, educational information about each vaccination on the childhood vaccination schedule as well as their associated diseases. We help parents customize ways to meet the needs of their children with regard to the pediatric vaccination schedule.
  6. We also see a good number of people who have a wide variety of chronic conditions. The two factors most of these patients have in common are that they (1) have a condition that has not been successfully diagnosed or treated and (2) they are interested in identifying and treating the root cause of their problems.

2)     Cost.

  1. New-patient appointments, 1 hour, are billed at $225.
  2. Follow up appointments, 30 minutes, are billed at $100.
  3. 10 Minute consultations are available free of charge to those considering scheduling a new-patient appointment.


3)     Insurance

  1. Integrative Care Consulting, LLC provides remote consultations via phone or services such as Skype or Facetime. This type of care delivery is termed Telehealth and is not covered by any insurance providers.
  2. If you are a resident of Vermont you may request an in-person appointment for which insurance may be billed. Call to discuss any specific questions and to double check that our office is able to accept your particular insurance.


4)     Location

  1. We are located in the United States, in the state of Vermont and operate on Eastern Standard Time. Currently the majority of our clients are located in remote locations and are served via remote consultation (Telehealth).  We can accommodate people who live in different time zones. Please call or email with specific requests.


5)     What is your take on alternative cancer treatments?

  1. Dr. Perchemlides is well versed on everything from IV vitamin C to hyperthermia treatments, from super-foods to chronomodulated chemotherapy, and has researched just about every pill, powder and potion out there. He will help you understand each of these and will counsel you away from those that are inappropriate or potentially harmful, as well as support the use of those that may be beneficial in your particular case.  However, Dr. Perchemlides encourages all patients to pursue the standard treatments recommended by their medical and radiation oncologists and does not offer any “alternative” treatment. He instead offers integrative medicine that is to be used alongside of conventional care. However, Dr. Perchemlides is willing and able to work with any patient, including patients who are receiving conventional care as well as those who, for any reason, are not receiving conventional treatments.


6)     Do you treat conditions other than cancer?

  1. Yes, Dr. Perchemlides treats almost all chronic health conditions. Request a free-10 minute consultation if you are unsure if Dr. Perch’s services are right for you.


7)     What is Naturopathic Medicine?

  1. Naturopathic Medicine combines conventional and natural medicine to enhance the body’s ability to withstand and prevent illness.
  2. The cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine is a belief in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself when given comprehensive support. In an effort to provide optimal support for self-healing, Naturopathic Medicine combines the most cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies in both conventional and natural medicine to enhance the body’s ability to withstand and prevent illness. The Naturopathic approach views the patient as a whole person, intricate and interconnected, as opposed to separate body systems.


8)     What is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND)?

  1. Licensed NDs view you as a whole person, intricate and interconnected.
  2. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are the only providers of natural medicine that have physician-level training. A qualified ND will have undergone rigorous training through a four year medical program at a naturopathic medical school accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). There are seven accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America. In addition to completing a standard medical curriculum, Naturopathic Doctors receive additional coursework in natural therapeutic modalities. Upon graduation from one of these accredited colleges, an ND must sit for the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX), administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE), to acquire licensure. Naturopathic Doctors are thoroughly trained in all aspects of medical care, including the use of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical interactions with natural products.
  3. The naturopathic physician prioritizes a treatment plan that is both most effective and least invasive for his or her patients. When possible, the naturopathic physician uses the most natural and gentle therapies to treat illness or imbalance, but he or she will use a combination of natural and conventional treatments to bring their patients back to health when this combination proves best for patient outcomes.


9)     What is Naturopathic Oncology?

  1. Naturopathic Oncology gives the patient the advantage of integrating their conventional medical care with natural therapeutics.
  2. Naturopathic Oncology is the application of the philosophy and science behind naturopathic medicine to the field of cancer treatment and research. Integrative care, that which combines conventional and natural principles to ensure the best possible outcomes for cancer patients, is a cornerstone of naturopathic oncology.


10)  What is an ND, FABNO?

  1. An ND, FABNO has passed all of the requirements for licensure as a naturopathic physician, and has then passed all of the credentialing requirements created by the American Board of Naturopathic Oncologists (ABNO), including advanced experience and training, an application process, and a board certification test that measures competence in both conventional and natural cancer therapies.


11)  What is Integrative Medicine?

  1. Integrative Medicine is the combination of medical care approaches overseen by a specialist or specialists who can ensure safety, compatibility and efficacy of the treatments and recommendations offered. Integrative medicine allows the patient to benefit from all that medical science has to offer rather than having to rely on a single approach. All recommendations made in this model of medicine are held to the highest standard of medical and scientific validation. For most patients cared for by Dr. Perchemlides this means that, in addition to the chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery that is overseen by the patient’s oncologist they are also given supplement recommendations for the support of their immune system and its inherent ability to protect the body from abnormal cell growth, supplement use to diminish the adverse effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, diet counseling, activity recommendations and a full scope of the lifestyle modification techniques supported by medical literature.


12)  What are the goals for patients working with Dr. Perch?

  1. I put this question to a number of my patients and asked them to help me answer it for the FAQ section of this site. One person sent me a posting from her Cancer Fighters Support Group , it read:

To Do List:

  1. Beat Cancer
  2. Live My Life

I think that this applies across the board, you can replace “Cancer” with any diagnosis a person is facing.

This is a good reminder for us as physicians also. We sometimes run the risk of getting lost in pathophysiology and biochemistry and of losing sight of the experiences of the individual we are trying to help.  My goal then is to get you back to living your life!

13)  When should I follow up with Dr. Perch?

  1. Dr. Perchemlides will likely give you a specific follow up time. For example, follow up in three weeks, or follow up after completing your chemotherapy.
  2. You should also schedule an appointment if you are starting or finishing chemotherapy, radiation or surgery OR if your chemotherapy or radiation protocol changes.
  3. You should follow up if you experience any new symptoms or if current symptoms persist or become worse despite treatment.
  4. You should follow up if you or your other doctors are considering a new pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, herbal product or any other new therapy.
  5. You should continue to schedule follow up appointments upon completion of your conventional treatments for support with recurrence prevention and for maintenance of healthy lifestyle practices.


14)  My family and I found a lot of products online that we want to consider using, such as Zeolite, Essiac Tea, Avemar and alkaline water, can you help us decide if I should use any of these?


  1. Yes, I can help you evaluate these products and I will steer you away from those that are not supported by medical literature or that may be harmful or may interfere with your other treatments. There are a lot of products out there and some of them are not safe or appropriate to use during treatment – Dr. Perchemlides will guide you in this area.


15)  What are the Principals of Naturopathic Medicine? (okay, no one actually asked this question, I just wanted an excuse to post them for you to see -Dr. Perch).

  1. First Do No Harm: we utilize safe and effective medical practices.
  2. The Healing Power of Nature: not only do we utilize natural products we also recognize that the body has an inherent ability to better care for itself when given optimal nutritional, physical and psychosocial support.
  3. Discover and Treat the Cause: our goal is to identify the underlying cause of symptoms and disease states and to direct our recommendations to reverse that root cause.
  4. Treat the Whole Person: the Naturopathic approach views the patient as a whole person, intricate and interconnected, as opposed to separate body systems.
  5. The Doctor as a Teacher: our goal is to empower those under our care to direct their own wellbeing. Through education, support, motivation and collaboration we teach the individual to care for themselves and to bring that knowledge back to their family, friends and community.
  6. Prevention: doctors of naturopathic medicine assess patient risk factors and heredity susceptibility. We intervene to reduce risk and prevent illness. Prevention of disease is best accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports vitality and wellbeing.

i.     Source: Adapted from The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians