Each packet of Supplements contains the four ingredients Dr. Perchemlides’ has identified as the most important for all cancer patients.

“I have identified the four ingredients most important to support the ability of your body to fight cancer on its own. I have made sure that these supplements are safe to use alongside all chemotherapy and radiation regimens; there is only one known exception to this which is that HCP is contraindicated with Velcade. I have ensured that my ingredients are of superior quality, purity and potency compared to what is available to consumers elsewhere. I have had my product tested meticulously to ensure that no contaminants, as may exist is other products, are present in The Healthy Cell Pack. I have based the amount of each ingredient on what is necessary to achieve optimal outcome without creating any risk of excessive intake.

My product makes it possible for people who are diagnosed with cancer and who are receiving conventional care to give their bodies the nutrients needed to fight the cancer on their own while simultaneously fortifying their bodies against the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation.” -Dr. Perchemlides FABNO, ND, MSN, BSN”

What you will find in each Healthy Cell Pack (HCP)
You will find a daily, easy-to-take dose of supplements that have been thoroughly researched and carefully selected to support and optimize the normal structure and function of the immune system. Each and every ingredient in our patent-pending formulation is natural, pharmaceutical grade, and the purest variety of the nutrient available in capsule form. Each serving has been carefully measured for perfect balance–large enough to be optimally effective and powerful but not so large as to potentially risk adverse events.

Nutrition from diet healthy cell packHCP can help you achieve level of wellness that cannot be attained by a healthy diet alone
The specified quantities of food listed below are so dramatically high because HCP uses therapeutic servings to achieve a specific metabolic response from the body. The level of support for the immune system that HCP provides is nearly impossible to achieve through diet alone. This does not mean that a healthy diet is not important or that healthy supplements will completely undo the effects of a poor diet. What it does mean is that HCP can help you achieve a level of wellness that cannot be attained by a healthy diet alone.

What’s Equally Important is what you will NOT find in HCP
We have intentionally left out ingredients that have been known to interact negatively with conventional treatments and to exacerbate certain types of cancer. Most people will also find that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients in HCP*. Therefore, patients and medical providers can rest assured that HCP will benefit each and every person who uses it.

Vitamin D3*

  • Supports the optimal function of your genes, including one of your body’s major tumor suppressing genes
  • Helps your body identify and eradicate unhealthy cells
  • Reduces invasiveness of those cells that are already displaying unregulated growth
  • Helps prevent new unregulated cells from growing

Equivalency: To receive the therapeutic serving of Vitamin D3 in one packet of HCP you would need to eat about 6 pounds of shrimp daily.

Omega-3 fatty acid in the form of Ultra Pure Fish Oil (omega-3)*

  • HCP’s unique formulation and serving size contains the optimal balance of the immune supporting EPA/DHA combination
  • Helps your immune system work more efficiently
  • Helps regulate the normal inflammatory response in the body
  • Helps your immune system recognize abnormal cell growth

Equivalency: To receive the therapeutic serving of the EPA/DHA combination contained in one HCP, you would need to eat about 7 ounces, or about 1/2 pound, of wild cold water coho prepared fresh daily.


  • Supports healthy cell growth
  • Helps prevent the occurrence and recurrence of unregulated cell growth
  • Helps enhance quality of life by improving energy and alertness
  • Reduces damage caused by free radicals

Equivalency: To receive the therapeutic serving of CoQ10 contained in one HCP, you would need to eat 231 ounces, or 14.4 pounds, of beef daily.

CoQ10 Data Sheet

Green Tea Extract (GTE)*

  • Stimulates repair of damaged DNA
  • Reduces activation of toxic substances in the liver
  • Reduces the likelihood of unregulated cellular growth
  • Helps regulate inflammation response in the body
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Enhances the activity of genes, including p53, one of our main tumor-suppressing genes
  • Reduces growth and proliferation of rapidly dividing cells
  • Provides a major source of antioxidants

Equivalency: To receive the amount of the beneficial constituent EGCG found in one HCP, you would need to drink approximately 8-12 cups of freshly brewed green tea daily.

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