As a board certified Naturopathic Oncologist, my mission is to give every person facing cancer the advantage of adding Naturopathic Oncology Care to their conventional treatments. In the service of my patients around the world, I have combined my expertise as a Naturopathic Oncologist with my decades of experience across the spectrum of conventional and Naturopathic Medicine to deliver Integrated Oncology Care that, in combination with conventional care, improves the vitality of my patients and increases the potential for positive treatment outcomes.

I utilize a wide variety of individual modalities to strengthen my patients’ ability to achieve their goals, including nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, dietary protocols, homeopathy, exercise programs, relaxation coaching, prayer and meditation guidance, facilitation of group-support involvement, education for patients and their families regarding all aspects of health and disease management, and the often underrated technique of listening to patients and their loved ones, and responding directly to their needs for care and for information.

The goal of our consultation is to try to help you achieve the following:

1. Directly address your concerns, needs, and interests

2. Support the innate ability of your immune system to identify and regulate abnormal cellular growth, the hallmark of cancer development and progression.

3. Reduce the symptoms related to your cancer diagnosis

4. Reduce the symptoms caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. By minimizing the symptoms caused by these conventional treatments, we avoid having to cut your conventional treatments short, which is a common occurrence and which compromises the ability of the treatments to destroy their target.

5. Support rapid recovery from surgery and other invasive treatments or diagnostic testing.

6. Manage symptoms and conditions separate from but occurring alongside of your cancer diagnosis, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,  obesity, joint discomfort, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and depression.

7. Create a lifestyle around meal planning, physical activity, relaxation, quality time with friends and family, prayer and meditation to cultivate appreciation and a sense of hope and possibility, all of which promote overall wellness and strengthen your ability to complete conventional care and progress to recovery and survivorship.

8. Support detoxification after completion of conventional care.

9. Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

10. Provide ongoing support for any and all medical and emotional needs in the years following diagnosis and recovery.

All recommendations are individualized and take into consideration each patient’s diagnosis, full medical history, current treatment regimen, all concurrent medical conditions and symptoms, lifestyle factors, budget, emotional and social considerations, informational needs and the involvement of loved ones.

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