Each remote appointment is conducted as a conversation between me, my patient and any support person the patient may include. During the appointments I gather the medical information I need to design your individual recommendations.  I will always provide you with time to address any of your health concerns, to ask questions about your conventional or Naturopathic care, and to engage in coaching focused on lifestyle modification that will assist our efforts to achieve your health goals.

My patients and I have found that we enjoy the same rapport and sense of teamwork through our remote consultations as we would expect when meeting in the same location. In fact, we have found several advantages to the remote consultation. Often a patient will schedule with me for the same day she is seeing her Medical Oncologist or other provider and can then speak with me just minutes after getting her updated images, labs and treatment recommendations.

Together we can then synthesize this new information and promptly adjust our strategy to accommodate her new needs. At the end of the day, my patients have a truly integrated plan to help them face their diagnosis and to move toward optimal wellness.  My patients can rapidly and easily equip themselves with the professional recommendations of both their Medical Doctor and their Naturopathic Specialist without ever worrying about traveling to my office.

Disease and treatment symptoms pose an additional hardship for patients who must travel to coordinate their comprehensive integrated care. In the face of such symptoms, you may reach out to my office for support and receive my recommendations without the need to travel. My recommendations can be delivered verbally then emailed, faxed or mailed, and any recommended supplements or products can be delivered to your doorstep usually in 48 hours or less.

All of my recommendations are science- and evidence-based, and typically include personalized dietary planning, activity planning, supplement use, guided relaxation, psycho-social support, and a forum in which to discuss any and all concerns or questions that a patient or his family may have.

During our remote consultations I will:

• Listen to all of your health concerns carefully and attentively

• Provide immediate recommendations to address your needs

• Offer interventions directed at supporting your immune system’s ability to regulate abnormal cellular growth, combat symptoms associated with your diagnosis and/or your treatments and address any general medical concerns you may have.

• Provide detailed explanations of any information you may have questions about, such as your diagnosis, your images or lab results, your treatment recommendations and your integrative care plan.

• Provide a “second opinion” about your condition and the associated standard of care.

• In the case of a cancer diagnosis, minimize the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation in order to both make you more comfortable and also to avoid having to stop conventional care before the full treatment has been provided.

• Evaluate and discuss any complimentary or alternative therapy options you may be considering.

• Review any supplements or products you may be using or considering use of.

• Review your pharmaceutical medications for anticipated side effects and any potential adverse interactions with other medications or natural products.

• Provide a road map for our continued effort to move you toward your wellness goals.

• Provide a secure and private medium for exchange of all data and personal information.

• Save you time and money by avoiding the need to travel to meet with me.

• Make the integrative medical approach you deserve available, easily accessible and a source for hope, motivation, and progress.

• Make myself your personal advocate

• Lend my thoughts and prayers to your efforts and to those of your family and friends.


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At Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, we provide integrative care. We work with your conventional medical team, not as an alternative to conventional medical care. In order to experience the full benefit of integrative care, my patients must also be under the care of a conventional medical doctor.

Whether you are restricted from traveling due to financial needs, employment, caregiver responsibilities, or personal health challenges, you deserve to receive the many benefits of integrative care. Integrative Care Consulting has made this possible, affordable, and efficient for everyone.