A Remote Consultation is an opportunity for us to craft an integrative care plan that is unique to your pursuit of wellness without the obstacle of travel. It is just another way that ICC makes it easier for you to access to the most heavily researched and scientifically proven therapies from both conventional and natural medicine. Patients who are facing cancer or other chronic disease already have countless demands on their time and energy. Traveling to see a naturopathic specialist, who can just as easily use patient intake history to treat the patient remotely, should not be one of them.

Integrative Care Consulting, LLC, offers a variety quick and convenient ways to attend an appointment: we can talk over the phone or face-to-face through FaceTime or Skype.

I have “seen” patients while their families sat together at the kitchen table discussing their diagnosis and my recommendations in real time. Patients have called me while at the infusion center receiving chemotherapy, or between daily radiation treatments. In all cases, remote consulting has helped me provide the immediate support and intervention that would not have been possible in a more traditional setting.

For years my patients were burdened by the need to travel, typically hundreds of miles, in order to access integrative health services. By working remotely with both our patients and their conventional care providers, ICC can now offer integrative services to everyone without the added time and cost associated with traveling.

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